Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity and Manchester City Football Club have enjoyed a long and successful partnership.

The Club was previously a supporter of The New Children's Hospital Appeal, and in 2009 donated £500,000 towards the Appeal's £20m target. This tremendous donation funded an outdoor play area at the children's hospital. The play area provides a place for patients and their families to relax and have some fun whilst also improving a child's health and wellbeing, and encouraging mobility and social interaction.

During the 2010-2011 season, MCFC continued to support the hospital with a grant which is funding the production of an animated DVD for patients of all ages. The DVD is designed to prepare children and parents for their visit to the hospital in an entertaining and informative manner, and to describe to the family what they can expect to encounter during their stay at the hospital. This will be the first time a UK hospital has created such a DVD.

Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity would like to express its sincere thanks to Manchester City Football Club for its continuing support.

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